15 Sunscreens That Won’t Leave a White Cast on Face

Hi all,

We love sunscreens and hate the white casts that they leave on the skin. It looks even worse when you apply makeup on it. So, today, I will tell you about the sunscreens that won’t leave a white cast. They are amazing for sun protection and won’t damage your skin. You can easily use these products as makeup bases. You may not use these regularly as they are a little expensive compared to your regular sunscreens. A little white shadow won’t hurt either but if you are planning to put your makeup on and pose for photos in the daytime, pick one from this list and you won’t be disappointed.

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1. Lotus Professional PHYTORx Ultra-Protect Sunblock SPF 70 PA+++:[1]


Lotus undoubtedly makes the best sunscreens in India and this one is the best from the brand. It comes with an SPF 70 and also protects against UVA. The texture is super smooth and spreads well on clean skin. Since it is tinted, I apply it in dots and blend it. It gives a clean look and there is no white cast on the face. It also keeps the face hydrated and prevents sunburns and tans.

2. Nivea Sun Invisible Protection Transparent Spray SPF 50:[2]


Spray sunscreens are best for your holidays and this one is worth trying. It protects against both UVA and UVB and is great for beach holidays too. It sets very fast and puts a translucent layer of protection on your skin. It never turns white or ashy and you can easily put your makeup on it.

3. Ranbaxy Suncrose Aqua Gel:[3]


This is great for both oily and dry skinned people. This prevents any form of sunburn or tan. It gets absorbed very quickly and never leaves a white cast. Also, it is 100% waterproof!

4. Cetaphil UVA/ UVB Defense SPF 50+:[4]


This medicated sunscreen is great for dry skinned beauties, even in the winter, as it keeps the face moisturized for 8 hours or more. It feels very lightweight on the skin and gets absorbed within seconds. Also, it does not make your skin greasy or sweaty. It just adds a bit of dewiness to the skin. It does not leave any whitish cast behind. It goes on white on the skin but within 10-15 seconds, the sunscreen gets absorbed and your skin is ready for the makeup.

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