Dove Beauty Cream Review

Dove Beauty Cream[1]

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Today’s pick is one of my all time favorite all-purpose cream from Dove. We all have used Dove and adored Dove since time immemorial. Lets know about one of their best creams.
Dove Beauty Cream is for complete daily skin care. Moisture is the key to beautiful skin and new Dove beauty cream with its light and nourishing moisture formula keeps your skin feeling soft and smooth during and after application. Use it regularly, day and night to keep your skin feeling beautiful.


36 months

Dove Beauty Cream

My experience with Dove Beauty Cream:

Dove beauty cream is awesome body butter, very creamy, smooth and buttery. It has a very lightweight consistency that spreads easily and is absorbed quickly. My skin feels totally nourished and hydrated for a long time and I don’t need to apply it to my hands again and again even after washing. The feel is not heavy and there is no oily residue. The scent of this cream is very subtle, it’s not overwhelming. Dove beauty cream has totally been able to take care of my skin even during the harsh winters. It comes in a big jar and as you can see in the pictures, it looks like whipped cream and I have to resist myself from licking it every time I apply this cream.
Dove Beauty Cream (2)

Dove Beauty Cream Ingredients

Yays for Dove Beauty Cream:

• Very rich and smooth texture.
• Keeps my skin hydrated and totally moisturized.
• No oily residue.
• Can be used by oily-skinned beauties too.
• Gets absorbed fast.
• Has a very delicate floral fragrance.
• Consistency is creamy and buttery.
• Does not become hard/thick even during winters.
• Comes in a sturdy jar.

Dove Beauty Cream Dollop

Nays for Dove Beauty Cream:

• I find the tub packaging little messy and unhygienic.
• Might not be available in India.

IMBB Rating:


I am totally going gaga over Dove Beauty cream nowadays. It would be lovely if it was available in India and we all could enjoy it.

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