Taiwan International Beauty Show-Exhibitors’ Press Release-Skin Care: Eauin’s Moisturizing set_ Simple care, efficient effect!

  • Online Date: 2020/10/29
  • Modify Date: 2020/10/30

Eauin’s Moisturizing set_ Simple care, efficient effect!

Back to basic, moisturizing your skin, keep water in your skin cells, and make your skin look healthier and brighter.

Eauin ® Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing+ Essence Multi-functional Hyaluronic Acid Essence

Patent formula with HA4.0 Hyaluronic Acid structure

Ingredient patent for HA4.0, its 3D structure create a light layer on skin, can keep water in, increase the ability of skin elasticity and make skin smoother & more radiant.

Easy to absorb, non-oily texture

Microemulsification lotion type, it is different with other serum type.

Good elasticity to apply, excellent absorption for skin.

One serum, different usage, multi-effect to reach

Eauin’s essence can be used as different function:

1. Directly use as essence: Deeply into skin, quickly absorb and non-oily.

2. Multi use with two layers: one can be essence, another can lotion on skin surface, keep all nourishment inside.

3. Use with other skincare product: you can mix with your foundation or before face mask, which can help your makeup smooth, and to help essence easy to absorb.

The most comfortable mask sheet you ever used!

Eauin® All in moisturizing silk mask

Dry skin saver, hydrating your skin immediately, All in moisturizing silk mask is light comfortable and smooth texture for skincare, our mask sheet is plant based, with good elastic and can fit any face shape.

Smooth。Light。Comfort  SIKALA® Mask Sheet

100% natural LYOCELL plant fiber

100% Bio-degradable, Ecofriendly

Oeko-tex certificate-Safety & Skin-friendly

Good water content ability, all essence inside. Smooth, comfortable with good elasticity, light, invisible and gentle feeling

For more information:

Visit us:https://www.eauin.com/?lang=en[1]

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Email: service@eauin.com[2]

What’s app: +886-915619217

Contact person: Angela


  1. ^ https://www.eauin.com/?lang=en (www.eauin.com)
  2. ^ service@eauin.com (www.beautytw.com.tw)
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